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Red Dot World

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Red Dot World Sound Design is a sound design and re-recording studio based in Sydney, New South Wales.


Red Dot World provides a full range of services in sound design and re-recording mix for feature films, documentaries, television series, video games, Ambisonics audio production (360 audio), advertising, co-operate videos and all other types of media and entertainment. ​

At Red Dot World Sound Design, we deliver high-quality soundtracks and customize sound packages to suit your project-specific needs. To give each project unique sound-scape, we allocate appropriate time to produce and create sound design and atmospheres to ensure the best possible results. We use different recording mediums and methods to capture sounds, and we process them using the latest in hardware and software technology. 



Some of the services we provide but not limited to:

  • Sound Design

  • Sound Post Supervision and Management

  • Sound Editing

  • Re-Recording Mix

  • ADR Recording

  • Voice Over Recording

  • Podcast Recording

  • Interview Recording

  • Foley recording

  • Ambisonics audio post-production (360 Audio)

  • Ambisonics audio recording (360 Audio)

  • Final Mix Audio Encoding (AC-3, LtRt, Dolby E)

  • Up-mixing and Down Mixing (Stereo to 5.1 and 5.1 to Stereo)

  • M&E Tracks (Music and Effects stems)

  • Loudness Measurements to ITU/ATSC/EBU standards

  • Music Composition and Editing

For more information about Red Dot World Sound Design and our services, click here.

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